Keyboard & Mouse Controls

WASD: rotate the cube.

MOUSE CLICK over the faces & DRAG: rotate side of the cube.


You Are So Magic combines puzzle "Rubik's Cube style" mechanics with a minimalist art style inspired by the designs of PaperDreams.

Currently in the first stage of development, has three different types of difficulties, an ingame tutorial and a general scoreboard.

Note: The game it's a work in progress and it's in early alpha state. Bugs reports and gameplay critics are well received. Thanks !

Update:  v0.02

  • New game modes: Time Trial, No Mistake.
  • New Selection screen.
  • Small changes to the Ingame User Interface.

Future Updates

  • New games modes: time trial, limited movement amount and others.
  • New scoreboard screen.
  • New "no cubes" puzzles.
  • Support for joysticks.
  • Music and sound effects.
  • Achivements.
  • Desktop release.